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    1. This is a hard question because I find if I don’t have the ideal answer then my entire testimony is made null and void to many “Christians.” It’s the “gottcha” question. I had friend who didn’t know doctrine and didn’t want to acknowledge any wrong doing in church ask me this at that point in time I was taking time out. I saw this smirk come across her face like somehow all my experience was made void due to my lack of attendance to a church although I had found a group of similar believers meeting together in their home with similar testimonies. During the initial fallout God provided people along the way in many wonderful ways to help me discern/heal. Honestly Church almost made me nauseas, it really leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Currently I simply fellowship with my sisters in Christ, teachings from online sources I trust and continue in His word. Its pretty simple. I have not committed to a Church but I am attending a Presbyterian one near my home from time to time and I’m open to other places. My preference is a more orthodox brand of Christianity so I’m slowly moving in that direction. I’m allowing myself time to be mad, sad and go through the process of leaving a cult. Its difficult. I’m currently 6 months out and I’m patient and kind to myself during the process. So if your going through this as well my advise is just take your time. You don’t have to jump back on the hamster wheel to be “right with Jesus” He is here. If your angry and disgusted with church….be in it. God understands. He will provide those relationships that lead us close to him. The bible says do not forsake the assembling of the brethren. I’m coming to realize the NT model doesn’t look like the American version of fellowship. for that I’m grateful. I find a simple bible study with believers meets my need for fellowship with deeper connections more than the Sunday morning fix. hope this helps.


      1. I think I mentioned this elsewhere but I immediately went back to my Bible church immediately on leaving the charismatic church. It was like going from a parched desert to an oasis. I will pray you find a solid Bible teaching church soon. I was involved with a charismatic church when I came to Bangkok. It was a different situation and God used me there but a couple incidents resulted in my leaving. I understand your feelings of anger and frustration but I encourage you to plug into a good church where you can both minister and be ministered to. I think God is already using you to help and encourage those who went through what you did…indeed I was encouraged by your post

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      2. I appreciate your honesty and I’m not offended at all. I believe you are sincere. I’ve been out around 9 months now. I have not settled on any one denomination as the concrete truth. I’m finding that God works in spite of imperfections in our little circles. I’m not a heavy follower of John McArthur but I’m grateful for the strange fire conference because it gave me answers to the intense confusion of leaving Charismania. I will read your article. At this point I am very cautious but thanks for your concern. I’m am living day to day and seeking God

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      3. Thank you for your niceness.
        But if you would, Please…
        Delete my comment.

        I probably should have thought of a way to better communicate my thoughts by directing you to my site where I can speak my mind without putting potentially inflammatory conclusions on other’s comment thread.
        I’m sorry, Please forgive me.


  1. I am so happy to have come across your testimony ! I have just left a cult myself which was very similar to the one you left. Its been 9 months now since I left and I have not found a church to commit to yet and I Dont think I will anytime soon. I have such a bad taste in my mouth concerning these “Christian” churches, I am fine with doing personal studies with a few sisters that I know who feel the same. You encouraged me in so many different ways with your testimony I thank God for allowing me to come across it. My relationship with the Lord is much stronger without all the distractions in the “church” I was attending. I rather be blameless and continue my walk with the Lord this way instead of jumping into another church full of lies and Idolatry . God bless you and keep pressing forward in Christ he knows our heart and he is with us!

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  2. I am very blessed that the Lord showed me what was not of him many times. I am sorry yo had to go through this, but all my friends really loved your blog. I too am searching for a good, true Bible believing church I am an older person who was raised in church. I accepted Jesus as my Lord and savior when I was 10 years old. I believe that He has protected me from deception because all I ever wanted is the truth. Recently, my daughter and I started attending a Messianic Jewish fellowship. I love it, very good teachings, and so far there has not been anything weird. I will continue to seek the Lord and see where He wants me to be. How can I get you blogs? I want to read more, if you have more to post Thanks

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    1. wow, thank you for the kind words. that is my only article so far. I wrote it for my own personal reasons to vent and it got posted on fb and took off to my complete surprise. I will write soon as I have time. you can follow my page.


  3. Puresola,
    Please delete my previous comment.
    I only intended that really, for your reading one time, to try to offer some help for you.
    Having been down that road myself.
    Pursue wherever God leads you.
    Grace and peace to you.

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  4. I’m not even sure how I stumbled across this post, but I did read your description about leaving the church and belief system you held so dear for so long. One of the largest problems with the “Christian” community is how little they really study their own bibles, and follow what they learn. Instead they listen to “teachers”, “Prophets”, etc. but ultimately their “feelings” — hey, this is what they are taught. I grew up an atheist — very devout one at that. I then became a new-ager at age 18, and a Christian at age 19…my testimony would be too long to tell here. I became quickly involved in the pentecostal world, and within 2 years realized a lot of it didn’t make sense if I was to follow the bible. As I was praying for the truth, and to really understand Revelation — the “testimony of Jesus”, I learned of a seminar I went to, and have never looked back. Satan will fight you tooth and nail in your search for the true gospel, even though it isn’t too far from any of us. Think of a diamond that is the genuine article, but Satan has cast it into a deep drawer full of broken glass, making the diamond very hard to find. There’s a reason there are over 30,000 denominations — that alone should tell you the devil is busy. If you want to find some real direction, start here: and study any subject you want.

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